Why You Need Aquaporin Inside® For Your Home

The demand for clean drinking water is rising rapidly across the globe. The pursuit to find sustainable and reliable ways to meet this demands led to Aquaporin Inside® technology. In a documentary titled ‘Brave Blue World’, on Netflix, Aquaporin was featured as a part of the solution to rethink the way innovation can be used to resolve the looming water crisis in the world. 

What is Aquaporin and why is it considered the future of household water purification? Let us find out. 

What is Aquaporin? 

In 2003, Peter C Agre received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for discovering aquaporin water channels. He referred to them as ‘nature’s own plumbing system’ and demonstrated the rapid movement of water in and out of cells using aquaporin molecules. 

Aquaporins are protein molecules that form the basis of life as we know it. The unique feature of aquaporin proteins is that they allow only water molecules and nothing else to enter the cell.  Using the process of osmosis and these protein molecules, every cell on our planet exchanges water with its environment. Without this process, plants, animals, and even nature would cease to exist. 

How Does Aquaporin Inside® Technology Work? 

Aquaporin Inside®, a Danish technology, draws inspiration from this natural water purification system. The water filtration membranes are developed using biomimicry principles. These membranes use two components- the aquaporin molecules and the process of forward and reverse osmosis to purify water naturally. 

Aquaporin molecules allow water to enter an otherwise water repellant environment within a cell while osmosis determines how much water enters these membranes. 

Aquaporin Inside® filtration technology is the only water purification method in the world that uses biomimicry, bringing together biology and engineering to meet required industry standards.

Why Your Home Needs Aquaporin Inside®
  • Faster than any other water filtration system: One gram of aquaporin proteins can transport up to 700 litres of water per second. Standard drinking water filtration membranes transport 50 litres of water per square meter of the membrane every hour. That means one gram of aquaporin molecules can transport the same amount in just 0.08 seconds. 
  • Extremely selective membrane keeps germs and contaminants at bay: As mentioned before, aquaporin proteins transport only water into the membrane. This means that water is purer, safer, odourless and tastes better. 
  • No chemicals, No electricity: These membranes use natural processes to purify water. You do not have to worry about potentially hazardous chemicals or wastage of electricity to access pure drinking water all day. There are no pumps, motors, control units, or external storage tanks.

EARTHY brings to you ZERO and ONE RO purification systems that use this revolutionary technology. These filters are sleek and stylish, perfectly modelled to suit a modern home. Get in touch with us now for details on the products and installation.

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