Regain Control of the Water That You Drink

Would you drink a glass of water directly from the tap? Presumably, the answer to that would be a resounding ‘No’. The statistics available about drinking water in India don’t help eliminate the doubt either. And, this is not just an issue concerning the rural, underdeveloped parts of the country. In a test conducted by the Bureau of Indian Standards, major cities like Chennai, Delhi and Kolkata did not comply with 10 out of 11 parameters of quality. Less than 50% of the country has access to treated and managed drinking water. Of course, there is no way to guarantee the safety of the water that comes to your home.
What Causes Uncertainty About Drinking Water Among Consumers?
The effort to provide clean and safe drinking water to rural and urban households is ongoing. But there are so many factors to consider besides the treatment of water itself:
  • The primary method of water treatment used is chlorination. This may eliminate the microbes and germs but contaminants like toxic metals and dissolved salts still remain.
  • The pipes carrying the water from the treatment plant to your home are not in optimum condition, often old and leaking. Therefore, the chances of contamination are extremely high, given that water pipes run alongside the sewerage lines.
  • Rapid urbanization has led to the quick depletion of water resources. So, we rely on ground and surface water to meet the demand. Now, 80% of the groundwater in India is contaminated and unsuitable for drinking as per the reports of the Ministry of Urban Development.
In addition to this, there are issues like climate change, pollution and many others that are not in our control, making it difficult to trust the integrity of public drinking water.
Regain Control With Home Water Purification Systems
There are natural solutions that do not use plastic or harmful chemicals as well. With advanced technology, water purification systems are extremely efficient. They can remove a range of impurities from the water that you consume. However, given the amount of contamination in the water supplied to homes, a one-step filtration system is not sufficient. It is highly recommended that you make use of a multi-stage treatment system that includes reverse osmosis. Reverse osmosis is essential as it is the only option to successfully remove water-borne viruses from water. This approach helps you eliminate impurities like bacteria, viruses, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, chemicals, heavy metals and others.
Choosing the Right Solution
There are two commonly used methods of household water purification: Point of Entry (PoE) and Point of Use (PoU) systems.
  • Point of Entry Systems: These are installed on the primary water line for the building to purify water before it reaches different outlet points like the toilets, bathrooms and washing machines. This system removes residual chlorine, odors and several forms of pollutants, delivering clean water for domestic use. This includes washing, cooking, cleaning, etc. When choosing PoE systems, make sure that they can handle large volumes of water. This system is typically used to soften water to avoid staining or corrosion. For drinking water, a Point of Use system is a better option.
  • Point of Use Systems: These systems are used to ensure the highest quality of drinking water. They are used at specific points of use such as the kitchen or bathroom in your home or office. PoU systems can be mounted on the tap directly, installed on the countertop or under the sink. These systems eliminate the risk of re-contamination due to defective plumbing or other causes is eliminated. PoU systems are also cost-effective, efficient and easy to install and maintain. You get clean drinking water directly from taps.
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