Keep Bacteria and Viruses Out of Drinking Water With Reverse Osmosis

Contamination of water by microbes like E.Coli bacteria is one of the biggest concerns in India. It causes diseases like diarrhea which continue to burden the population. In rural areas of the country, especially, diarrhea claims thousands of lives each year, particularly children under the age of 5. 

While the urban sectors of the country receive treated pipe water, it is still necessary to use filtration systems to make it suitable for drinking. With over 80% of our freshwater sources being contaminated and not suitable for drinking, the onus is on each individual to find convenient and efficient water filtration systems. 

While Covid-19 itself was not waterborne, the awareness about hygiene and the need for good quality drinking water has increased tremendously.  Processes like boiling water have proven to be less effective over time as they only eliminate certain types of pathogens. 

People are turning to new technology to completely remove bacteria and viruses from water. In this regard, the Center for Disease Control has ranked Reverse Osmosis as one of the most effective household water treatment solutions. 

What is Reverse Osmosis and How Does it Work?

Reverse Osmosis is a natural process in which water is pushed through a semi-permeable membrane by applying pressure. The membrane prevents the movement of bacteria, viruses, pathogens and pollutants, giving you clean and safe drinking water. 

The size of the pores in the membrane determines how effective the RO filtration system is. Usually, it is less than one nanometer which means that common bacteria and viruses cannot pass through. 

A ZERO Hassle Reverse Osmosis Filter for Your Home

Normally, RO filters come in bulky designs and shapes. They have several cylinders and pipes sticking out of them, making them extremely unappealing. 

EARTHY brings to you a simple and stylish solution with ZERO water purifiers. It is compact and fits right under your sink. What is more, it uses zero chemicals and zero electricity to give you pure, great-tasting water. 

ZERO uses a multistage water filtration system with the advantage of Reverse Osmosis and  Aquaporin Inside membrane technology. These membranes contain nature’s own water purifying molecules, aquaporins. These proteins are responsible for purifying and transporting water in all the living cells. 

With this technology, ZERO offers a practical solution to make household water filtration systems more accessible. Eliminate all waterborne pathogens and enjoy the confidence of pure, safe drinking water each time. 

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