A2O Bar

A2O Bar

Water has never been cooler

A2O Bar

The world’s first 5-in-1 built-in drinking water dispenser

Dispenses ambient, cold, hot, and sparkling water –  and ice cubes –  purified by the nature-inspired Aquaporin Inside® technology

5-in-1 water purifier
for families





Ice Cubes

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Purified water for the entire family

Experience a built-in water purifier powered by Aquaporin’s unique purification technology. The new state-of-the-art A2O Bar dispenses purified, great-tasting, clean water. Engage your family to stay hydrated during the day with an exciting, healthy alternative to your usual beverages. 

The A2O Bar is a stylistic addition to any lifestyle kitchen, offering purified ambient, cold, sparkling, and hot water – and ice cubes – for your family and guests. Measure the quality of your water, enjoy the automatic cleaning and easy filter change, and relish the space-saving design. These are just some of the many features of the A2O Bar.

High removal rates for water contaminants

The A2O Bar with the Aquaporin Inside® technology embedded is the perfect appliance for your home as it offers high removal rates for water contaminants such as microplastics, pesticides, heavy metals, viruses, hormones, nitrate, PFAS, and more. 

A2O Bar is a water purification system utilizing the Nobel Prize-awarded discovery of the aquaporin protein, the core of the Aquaporin Inside® technology, trusted by NASA and the European Space Agency for space missions. The Aquaporin Inside® technology can be found inside the A2O Bar’s user-friendly filters. Watch our filter change video on the right for step-by-step guidance.

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As easy as turning on the tap. But safer.

With simple operations, getting your daily water is as easy as turning on the tap – except, it is safer with the embedded Aquaporin Inside® technology removing harmful water-carried contaminants. 

Choose between 4 different water types, and purified ice cubes, and your A2O Bar dispenses water quickly and easily into any type of glass or bottle you may prefer. 

Should you wish to check your water consumption or filter status, simply tap Settings for an easy overview. View our operations film on the left for a brief introduction.

Smart monitoring

Easy control and monitoring of water quality, filter change, plastic bottles saved, and much more with an app connection via WiFi.

Easy maintenance

Automatic weekly cleaning cycle that sterilizes the tanks.

Automatic leak detection

If the system detects a leak, it will shut off to minimize damage.

Easy filter change

Quick-change filters – “lift and close” filters make filter replacement a breeze. Replace filters in seconds.

Compact luxury

The purifier is the same size as a built-in oven to secure easy installation. It produces purified ambient, cold, sparkling, and hot water – and ice cubes.

Reducing number of appliances

By having 5 functions in one machine, you minimize the number of appliances in your

Aquaporin Inside® membrane

The DWRO® patented biomimetic membranes get their unique properties from their embedded aquaporin proteins – nature’s water channels.

Safe and healthy water

A2O Bar provides safe drinking water using the Aquaporin Inside® technology and membranes.

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A2O Bar Technical Details

Technical data

Type of product
Purified ambient, cold, sparkling, hot, and ice
Front display
7” LCD touch screen
Dimensions (HxWxD)
597 x 597 x 552 mm
Ambient tank capacity
4.6 L
Cold water capacity (5° C)
3.0 L
Sparkling capacity (5° C)
0.8 L
Hot capacity (90° C)
1.8 L
Ice capacity
0.5 kg
Wi-Fi connection + app
Automatic cleaning
Leak detector

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