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When technology joins forces with nature, we begin to achieve the unthinkable.

PUREBIOSYS is a pioneer in water-based solutions, bringing to you technology that is powered by nature. An initiative of Purebiosys Pvt. Ltd. is committed to making green, energy efficient water purification, sanitization and cleaning solutions available for both domestic and industrial use. We believe that being responsible for our planet starts with the right resources and technology that is powered by nature, for nature.

Drinking Water Solutions

Water filters and membranes using the revolutionary Aquaporin Inside Technology.

Industrial water filtration

Industrial purifiers and disinfectants to eliminate chemicals and microbes with minimum wastage.

Aqueous Ozone Cleaners

Non-synthetic, on-demand cleaners that use only tap water to kill 99.9% of germs instantly.

Consultation/ Services

Take a look at our complete range of purification and cleaning solutions that are 100% efficient and natural.


To connect India with revolutionary technology for better resource use & management.


To connect India with revolutionary technology for efficient, sustainable resource use and management.

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