5 Important Reasons to Invest in Better Drinking Water Purification Systems for Your Home

According to a UNICEF Report, almost 50 million Indians in urban homes do not have access to safe, clean drinking water. The tap water available in our homes contains several pollutants and pathogens. Even in developed cities, it was found that most cities did not meet the necessary Bureau of India Standards parameters for quality of piped drinking water.

A good drinking water purifier is a must-have for any home for 5 important reasons:

1.Ensure Safety of The Water You Consume

Based on the data available, the quality of drinking water that reaches our taps is not reliable. While most cities use a standardised water treatment system, the pipelines used to deliver water to our homes contaminate the water. Pipelines may be old and rusted. In some cases, they are also laid parallel to sewage lines, increasing the risk of contamination.

To regain control on the water that you consume, it is best to install a drinking water purification system like ZERO RO filter in your home. It uses Aquaporin molecules to give you clean and safe water without using any chemicals and electricity.

2. Eliminate Unwanted Contaminants

bacteria , virus, chemicals, metals and other waterborne contaminants are effectively eliminated by Reverse Osmosis water filters like ZERO and ONE. Filter membranes are designed to keep the unwanted contaminants out while allowing only pure, odourless and safe drinking water into the faucets.

3. Protect Yourself From Health Issues

Waterborne diseases like Diarrhea, Cholera and Typhoid are rampant in India, affecting more than 37 million people each year. For children under the age of 5 years, especially, these diseases can be lethal. Therefore, it is necessary to have a reliable and effective drinking water filtration system at home to protect yourself and your loved ones from deadly diseases.

4. Better Taste and Odour of Water

Water should be refreshing. Any unpleasant odour or taste is a sign of impurities. It also holds you back from consuming as much water as you should. With a good drinking water filtration system, you get great tasting water every time as it is purer and free from contaminants.

5. Cleaner Water for Cooking

Food tastes better when cooked in clean water. Even the juices and beverages that you prepare taste great when the quality of water is good. Not just that, you also make food healthier when you clean and cook it with purified water.

ZERO and ONE RO drinking water purifiers use advanced Aquaporin Inside technology. It uses natural aquaporin molecules to eliminate impurities and purify water with minimal wastage. Aquaporin Inside was featured on the globally acclaimed Netflix documentary, “Brave Blue World” as a reliable and sustainable solution to drinking water issues. Bring home the latest in drinking water filtration today.

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