Are Home Filtration Systems The Solution to the Drinking Water Crisis in Urban India?

The issue of safe, clean drinking water is not restricted to rural, underdeveloped parts of India. The top metropolitan cities in the country are facing a crippling drinking water crisis. A UNICEF report stated that close to 50 million people in urban India in 12 major cities do not have access to safe, pure drinking water. By 2030, the WWF for nature predicts that over 30 urban cities will face a grave and serious water crisis.

The Primary Causes for the Drinking Water Crisis in India.

There are a few factors that pose a threat to the availability of safe and clean drinking water in India:

  • The Growing Population: As cities grow and develop, so does the population. There is an increased demand for water, sanitation and energy. This, coupled with a lack of infrastructure, makes it challenging for many homes in developed cities to get 24×7 supply of water.
  • Lack of Water Treatment Infrastructure: The wastewater treatment facilities available currently do not match the rate at which the population is growing. Additionally solid waste collection and drainage services are inadequate in most urban areas. This increases the risk of contamination of the water that is currently available to homes as well.
  • Polluted Ground Water: Ground water is a major source of drinking water in most parts of India. With close to 80% of this water being contaminated, the only practical solution is to install reliable water purification systems that clean drinking water at the point of use.

Choosing The Right Filtration System Is A Practical Solution

Home water filtration systems offer a practical solution to control the water that you and your family consume. However, it is necessary to choose a solution that minimises the use of natural resources for a sustainable option to purify water.

ZERO is a drinking water RO purifier which uses natural Aquaporin molecules to purify water without the use of any chemicals or electricity. This under-the-sink water purifier reduces water wastage significantly, unlike most RO water purifiers. It gives you the power of nature to eliminate bacteria, viruses, pathogens and contaminants for safe, odourless and clean drinking water.

In these challenging times, as the efforts towards improving water treatment and supply continue, choosing the right filtration system is a step in the right direction to preserve water and your health.

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