Are Point of Use Water Purifiers the Best Option and Why?

21% of all communicable diseases in India are water-related. It is one of the primary causes of death, especially among children. How do you regain control over the water that you consume considering that the various levels of treatment may not be up to the necessary standards?

The pursuit of fresh, clean drinking water has led to several solutions over the years. POU or Point-Of-Use water purifiers are among these innovations to ensure that you have access to the safest, purest drinking water.

What are Point of Use Water purifiers and should you use them in your home? Let us find out.
What is a Point of Use Water Purifier?

As the name suggests, a Point of Use Water Purifier filters water at the direct source that you consume it from. This is usually a tap in your kitchen which is connected to the purifier. There are different types of POU water purifiers that are currently available:

Under the sink: These filters are installed below the sink and connected to a tap that dispenses water.

Countertop filters: These purifiers come with a faucet and multi-level purification systems usually. They are placed on the countertop, connected to the point where water is dispensed from.

Tabletop Pitchers: These are large pitchers installed with a filtration system that need to be filled manually before using.
Faucet mounted filters: These filters are mounted directly on the tap to purify water everytime the tap is turned on.

  • Benefits of Using Point of Use Water Purifiers
    Control is the most important benefit of these water purifiers. You have the option of filtering drinking water right before you use it.
  • You can also avoid storing still water for long periods of time. This leaves a lot of room for recontamination, making the drinking water less safe for you to use.
  • Multi-level filtration systems give you pure, odour free and better tasting water in comparison to any other purification method.

Disadvantages of Using Point of Use Water Purifier

  • You get only one source of clean drinking water, unless you install multiple systems in your home.
  • They require some space for installation.
  • You need technical assistance for installation.

The advantages definitely are greater than the cons of using a Point of Use Water Purifier. So, making the switch is highly recommended. If you are looking for a stylish, high quality product that gives you eco-friendly solutions to water purification, choose ZERO or ONE by EARTHY.

These sleek under the counter and countertop POU RO drinking water filters make use of Aquaporin Inside technology. They make use of natural aquaporin proteins to purify water with minimum wastage. ZERO RO Drinking Water purifier does not use any electricity, making it the most efficient and reliable option for your home.

Learn all about this revolutionary technology on Talk to our experts and switch to the safest way to purify drinking water.

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