Busting Common Myths About Reverse Osmosis Systems

The water that is available in our taps today requires a more efficient filtration option. Reverse Osmosis is one of the most popular choices as it keeps water completely free from pathogens. However, there are some myths about RO drinking water purifiers that make consumers think twice before using this solution. 

Learning the correct facts is important for you to make a decision that ensures safety and good health for you and your family. Here are some myths about RO drinking water purifiers, busted!

Myth 1: RO Water Tastes Bad

Most critics believe that water purified with an RO filter tastes flat. While this is partially true, ZERO and ONE RO Water Purifiers resolve this issue. They use a biomimetic Aquaporin membranes that filter impurities, just the way nature intended it. This 100% natural solution ensures that water tastes great and is completely free from any odour. 

Myth 2: RO Water Purifiers are Difficult to Maintain 

The pumps, motors, membranes and other parts of traditional RO water purifiers make it a hassle, no doubt. However, ZERO and ONE RO drinking water purifiers take the minimalist approach. These water purifiers are compact and do not have any external fittings that are difficult to maintain. Even the membranes only have to be changed once every 6 months depending on usage.

Myth 3: RO Drinking Water Purifiers Cause a Lot of Wastage 

Normally, RO drinking water purifiers produce ‘waste water’. This is because water with any extra TDS or Total Dissolved Solids is rejected. So, for those who want an eco-friendly solution RO water purifiers may not seem like the right choice. 

The superior Aquaporin Inside technology used in ZERO and ONE RO Drinking Water Purifiers reduces wastage by 35%, making it the ideal solution for both domestic and industrial use. It also uses no electricity or chemicals, offering a great, sustainable solution. 

Myth 4: RO Drinking Water Purifiers Are Very Slow 

The rate at which water is purified is many times faster when you switch to Aquaporin Inside technology. With just one gram of Aquaporin molecules, you can filter up to 700 litres of water. This means about 50 liters in just 0.08s. You can get 3 litres of fresh, germ free water with ZERO RO Drinking Water Purifiers. 

With the number of dissolved impurities in water, the only way to regain control on the water that you consume is by using a home water filtration system that is reliable. Talk to our experts about how Aquaporin Inside technology can become a part of your home, too. Log on to www.earthy.care for details.

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