Dedicated to making great tasting and safe drinking water

For those who like to drink great tasting water, for those who appreciate simplicity, for those who are tired of carrying plastic bottles from the supermarket, and for those who want tap water without pesticides, viruses and bacteria.

Simply for those who want their tap water to be the very best it can be. Here is ZERO water purifier, ready to provide you with great tasting water.



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A revolutionary advance for drinking water
  • With ZERO we wanted to achieve the impossible: a compact, beautiful object capable of filtering tap water without needing pumps, motors, control units, or external storage tanks.
Small space, high performance
  • ZERO is the highest performing, most compact reverse osmosis drinking water filtration system to go under the sink.
  • Smaller than a briefcase, ZERO delivers drinking water at 3 liters per minute from the moment the faucet is turned on. And if you need more than is held in its tank, leave the faucet on and ZERO will go on producing, never needing to stop.
Eminent design
  • ZERO has been designed to make a beautiful impact on your kitchen rather than a unit you want to hide.
  • This has been recognized with several design awards.
Powered by Aquaporin Inside®
  • Inside ZERO you will experience the unique Aquaporin Inside® technology. The technology is developed using aquaporins, the proteins responsible for transporting and purifying water in all living cells. Billions of years of evolution have made aquaporins super-efficient and super-selective, far better than any man-made water filter.
  • When tap water flows through the Aquaporin Inside® membrane in the ZERO, the natural aquaporin proteins act like a super-highway for water.
The natural feeling
  • Nature affects us all. When you go for a walk in the forest you feel the tranquility and fresh air. With nature’s own water filter, Aquaporin Inside® you will experience the same feeling when drinking tap water using ZERO.
  • When the tap water runs through the Aquaporin Inside® Drinking Water Reverse Osmosis filters all unwanted compounds such as bacteria, viruses and pesticides are removed from your water before it enters a buffer tank. Thus, leaving you with safe great tasting tap water, that gives you a natural feeling.

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