A new convergence to meet water crises

Yesterday, CNN published an article accompanied by a video interview about how Aquaporin fits the tendency of utilizing developments made for space to benefit people on planet Earth.

Professor of Neuroscience and former MIT President Susan Hockfield’s newly published book The Age of Living Machines features path-breaking researchers who are using biology and engineering’s revolutionary convergence to invent tools and technologies that will transform how we live in the coming century. A chapter of the book circles around Aquaporin and how our technology will help meet the civilization’s growing demand for clean water.

Earlier this month, the New York Times described how a quarter of humanity faces looming water crises. From India to Iran and Botswana, 17 countries around the world are currently under alarmingly high water stress according to new data from World Resources Institute. To help solve the global clean water crisis, Aquaporin has taken the cue from nature and utilized what Hockfield calls the revolutionary and previously unimaginable convergence of biology and engineering:

“The brilliant biological discoveries of scientists like Peter Agre and the engineering innovations of people like Peter Holme Jensen and Claus Hélix-Nielsen are evidence that we are on the verge of transforming how we purify water and how we design our water systems. We are living through a revolutionary moment […]”

Susan Hockfield, The Age of Living Machines, p. 71

Biology will lead the next technology revolution

According to The New York Times’ article, World Resources Institute has concluded that 33 of the cities inhabited by more than 3 million people – with a combined population of 255 million – face extremely high water stress, with repercussions for public health and social unrest. By 2030, the number of cities is expected to rise to 45 and affect nearly 470 million people.

The article argues that a lot can and must be done to improve water management, and the need for improving the amount and quality of recycled wastewater is mentioned as an example – something which the Aquaporin Inside® technology is perfectly suited for.

Looking over the scientific horizon, Susan Hockfield predicts the future will be brightened by a technology revolution brought to life by biology. In her book, she explores path-breaking researchers who are leading the revolution by developing tools and technologies that touch right down in the interface between biology and engineering. Technologies that make us able to produce sufficient clean water, generate greener energy, develop cheaper and more efficient medicines – the list is long and constantly getting renewed.

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